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Schumann Pianos at Riverton Piano Company

Schumann Pianos

Schumann Piano Milestones

  • 1956 - Schumann Founded
  • 2017 - Bridge Patent
  • 2017 - Soundboard Patent
  • 2018 - GP-168 Introduced

Types of Schumann Pianos

Schumann Grand Pianos

GP-186 Schumann Grand Grand Piano

Schumann GP-186

Home Series Grand Piano

A beautiful - and practical - addition to any living room, the GP-186 Schumann Grand Piano delivers a robust tonal palette.

  • 6'1" in Length
  • Flagship Model
GP-168 Schumann Baby Grand Grand Piano

Schumann GP-168

Home Series Baby Grand Piano

At 5'5" in length, the Schumann GP-168 offers greater projection and warmth - transforming your home into a musical haven.

  • 5'5" in Length
  • Full Size Baby Grand
GP-152 Schumann Baby Grand Piano

Schumann GP-152

Home Series Baby Grand Piano

If you're looking for a well-made, full-featured baby grand piano for an affordable price, you will be delighted when you play the GP-152 Schumann Baby Grand Piano.

  • 5'in Length
  • Best Seller

Schumann Upright Pianos

K1 Schumann Studio Upright Piano

Schumann K1

Home Series Upright Piano

Easily one of the best selling upright pianos in our company's history, the K1 Schumann Studio Upright Piano is a magnificent and value-rich piano to play.

  • 48" Tall
  • Best Seller
C1 Schumann Console Upright Piano

Schumann C1

Home Series Upright Piano

Supervised by a classical pianist and directly imported by Riverton Piano Company, the C1 Schumann Upright Piano is one of the most value-rich pianos available.

  • 44" Tall
  • Best Seller