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Premium Pianos

Artists Suggest:

280 VC Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Bosendorfer 280 VC

Artisan Collection Concert Grand Piano

Evocative of the fluency and drama inherent in the human voice, the 280 VC Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano's singing tone inspires awe around the World.

  • 9'2" in Length
  • Vienna Concert Technology
CFX Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

Yamaha CFX

Premium Concert Grand Piano

From professional players like Elton John to institutions like Juilliard and Stanford University, the CFX Yamaha concert grand piano dominates the World stage.

  • 9' in Length
  • Industry Icon
DC7X ENPRO Yamaha Disklavier


Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE

A piano of unlimited potential, the DC7X Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE helps you record, play, listen, use headphones, watch concerts, learn online and much more!

  • A "Smart" Grand
Roland GP-609 Digital Baby Grand Piano

Roland GP-609

Digital Baby Grand Piano

An elegant instrument that combines the best technology with traditional piano building, the Roland GP-609 is a piano player's dream.

  • The Artists' Choice
  • Flagship Model

Premium Grand Pianos

290 Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano

Bosendorfer 290 Imperial

Artisan Collection Concert Grand Piano

A full eight octaves in range, this instrument not only delighted Busoni, but it also inspired such immortal composers as Bartók, Debussy and Ravel to compose repertoire specifically for the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano.

  • 9'6" in Length
  • Flagship Model - 97 Keys
225 Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Bosendorfer 225

Artisan Collection Grand Piano

With a thunderous bass and pneumatic lid hinges, the BP-178 Bosendorfer Grand Piano is one of the most celebrated models in Bosendorfer's Professional Series.

  • 7'4" in Length
  • 92 Keys
S7X Premium Yamaha Grand Piano

Yamaha S7X

Premium Grand Piano

Whisper or roar, the S7X Premium Yamaha grand piano will translate your every emotion into sounds that will enrapture even the most discerning audience.

  • 7'6" in Length
  • A.R.E. Technology
C7X Yamaha Grand Piano

Yamaha C7X

Grand Piano

Found in recording studios all over the Globe, the C7X Yamaha grand piano is considered to be the perfect studio instrument for artistic expression.

  • 7'6" in Length
  • Industry Icon

Premium Upright Pianos

130 Bosendorfer Studio Upright Piano

Bosendorfer 130

Artisan Collection Baby Grand Piano

Beneath the lines of the 130 Bosendorfer Upright Piano's hand-polished ebony finish lies an exquisite amalgam of Viennese Craftsmanship and European timber.

  • 52" Tall
  • 85% Spruce
YUS5 Premium Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS5

Premium Upright Piano

The Yamaha YUS5 features premium grand piano features - giving a performance more like that of a grand piano than a premium upright piano.

  • 52" Tall
  • Handcrafted
BP-X5 Studio Baldwin Upright Piano

Baldwin BP-X5

Professional Series Upright Piano

With its rugged construction and full-width music rest, this blissfully resonant piano is ideal for a sactuary, classroom or living room where a baby grand won't fit.

  • 49" Tall
  • Popular in Churches

Premium Digital Pianos

CLP-695 GP Yamaha Clavinova at Riverton Piano Company

Yamaha CLP-695 GP

Yamaha Clavinova

With its six-speaker spruce cone sound system and built-in Bluetooth® AUDIO, the CLP-695 GP Yamaha Clavinova digital grand piano is an exciting instrument to play.

  • Baby Grand Cabinet
  • Spruce Cone Speakers
Roland LX-708 Digital Piano

Roland LX-708

Luxury Digital Piano

Delivering a range of expression that surpasses all other digital pianos - and many acoustic instruments - the Roland LX-708 is a masterpiece of authentic musicality.

  • PureAcoustic™ Piano
  • 8-Speaker Surround