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BP-X5 Baldwin Professional Studio Piano

Baldwin BP-X5

49" Professional Series Studio Upright Piano

If you're looking for the power and depth of a baby grand piano, but simply don't have the space, the Baldwin BP-X5 is the ideal piano for you. At a full 49" tall, the Baldwin BP-X5 towers over other upright pianos - giving it the soundboard area of a 5'5" baby grand piano. That - combined with its premium spruce soundboard, "virgin wool" hammers and world famous Full-Blow™ Direct Stealth™ Action - gives the Baldwin BP-X5 a versatility of tone and touch that only the absolute finest upright pianos (and few grands) can achieve. Finally, the Baldwin BP-X5 presents a stately and timeless look - enriched by the elegant mahogany stain finish and handcrafted tone ports. The full-width music rest gives players room for large pieces of music - or several books - at once... and the adjustable artist bench completes the "grand piano-like" experience.

The BP-X5 follows the acclaimed Baldwin Scale Design, a precise “recipe” to determine optimum shape of sounding area, string length, and placement of bridges and strike points to produce the very best tone and balance across the entire scale.

Discover the Baldwin BP-X5. Available exclusively at Riverton Piano Company.

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Key Features

  • Sitka Spruce Soundboard
  • Precision Maple Bridges
  • Full-Blow Stealth Action
  • Sitka Spruce Keys
  • Cut Thread Tuning Pins
  • Royal George Hammer Felt
  • Bass Sustain Pedal
  • Practice Bar & Lever
  • Slow-Close Fallboard
  • Adjustable Artist Bench

Available Finishes

Ebony Polish

Learning Center

Download BP-X5 Specifications

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