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S5X Yamaha Premium Grand Piano

Yamaha S5X

6'7" Premium Grand Piano

Born from the blending of traditional craftsmanship, exceptional artistry and modern innovation, the SX Series Yamaha grand pianos offer a profound piano experience. At the center of this evolved approach to premium piano building is Yamaha's patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) technology. This revolutionary process transforms the molecular structure of wood using precisely controlled temperature, humidity and pressure (instead of harsh chemicals). The result is a refined property that gives the wood a maturity well beyond its actual age. For the first time, Yamaha has discovered a way to build new pianos that sound like mature instruments - a quality unique to the SX Series Yamaha grand pianos. Also unique to SX Series Yamaha grand pianos are the premium hammers with custom SX Series felts. These hammers work in conjunction with A.R.E. to give SX Series Yamaha grand pianos a uniquely colorful palette and exquisite tonal control. Hand-wound bass strings and a custom cut rib/soundboard crowning process also help to make the SX Series so unique.

The piano found its popularity in wealthy or royal salons all across Europe and the S5X Premium Yamaha grand piano carries on that tradition today - enchanting audiences with its enormous depth of expression and character.

At 6'7", the S5X Premium Yamaha grand piano is ideal for music rooms, solo venues or small concert stages where tonal color and nuance are desired. A master of drama, the S5X Premium Yamaha grand piano will surprise and delight anyone who is lucky enough to experience it. Riverton Piano Company is Phoenix's only home for Premium Yamaha pianos. Why not try a S5X Premium Yamaha grand piano today? You deserve the very best.

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DS5X ENPRO Yamaha Disklavier


Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE

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  • The Ultimate Piano

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Key Features

  • Seasoned for the US
  • A.R.E. Technology
  • Premium SX Hammers
  • Hand-Wound Strings
  • Double Brass Casters
  • Ivorite Key Tops
  • WPC Sharps
  • Contemporary Cabinet
  • Premium Preparation
  • 10-Year P&L Warranty

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony

Learning Center

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