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N2 AvantGrand Yamaha Hybrid Piano

Yamaha N2

Yamaha Hybrid Piano

With a design inspired by the curving lines of a grand piano, the N2 AvantGrand™ Yamaha Hybrid Piano is a sleek, stylish and contemporary instrument no bigger than the average upright piano. Designed specifically for people who have always wanted a grand piano, but lack the space or budget for a traditional grand piano, the N2 AvantGrand™ Yamaha hybrid offers a REAL all-wood grand piano action and a breathtaking concert grand piano sound. Traditional pianos require tuning every time the environment changes, but the N2 AvantGrand™ Yamaha hybrid piano is always perfectly in tune - making it ideal for practice rooms, classrooms, songwriters and singers. Record your songs to USB and print out the music (using computer software). Play at any volume or with no volume at all (through headphones). You can even enjoy an onboard metronome or a handful of other instrument sounds. ...and you can do it all on a traditional wood piano action - the same action found in Yamaha grand pianos!

The elegant and sophisticated look of a grand piano forms the centerpiece of any room. Designed with this in mind, the N2 AvantGrand™ Yamaha Hybrid Piano is a stunning piece of furniture as well as a serious musical instrument.

Come in and see why universities, professional musicians and home owners all over the World are raving about the N2 AvantGrand™ Yamaha Hybrid Piano. Riverton Piano Company is the only Yamaha dealership in the Phoenix metro area selected to host your AvantGrand™ experience. Let us show you options you won't find at any other area piano store!

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Key Features

  • Acoustic Grand Action
  • Tactile Response
  • MIDI Record
  • USB Flash Drive Port
  • 2 Headphones Ports
  • 5 Voices
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Slow Close Fallboard
  • 5-Year Warranty

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony

Learning Center

Download N2 Specifications

The Next Model...

N3X AvantGrand Yamaha Hybrid Piano


  • Upgraded Cabinet
  • Larger Sound System
  • Upgraded Sustain Pedal
N1 Yamaha Hybrid Piano


  • Resin Key Tops
  • No Tactile Response
  • Smaller Sound System