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B-442 Baldwin Professional Console Piano

Baldwin B-442

43" Acrosonic Console Upright Piano

Since its introduction in 1936, the B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic Console Upright Piano has consistently remained one of the company’s most popular pianos. Traditionally designed with fluted Federal legs, dental moulding and a whimsical wheat pattern music rest, the B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic is an excellent choice for any living room. The B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic Console Upright Piano gets its voice from premium, Grade A Alaskan "Sitka" Spruce - the finest American tonewood available - and its precision control from Baldwin's famous Full-Blow™ Direct Stealth™ Action. ...and like all the best home pianos made today, the B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic Console Upright Piano features Baldwin's practice bar and lever - Baldwin's answer to the digital piano's volume knob.

America's most famous home piano, the Baldwin Acrosonic makes its triumphant return with the B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic Console Upright Piano. Packing exceptional materials and World-Class construction inside a breathtaking - yet traditional - cabinet, today's Baldwin Acrosonic is the perfect home piano.

See how the B-442 Baldwin Acrosonic Console Upright Piano would look in your home. Available exclusively at Riverton Piano Company.

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Key Features

  • Sitka Spruce Soundboard
  • Accu-Just Hitch Pins
  • Full-Blow Stealth Action
  • Sitka Spruce Keys
  • Cut Thread Tuning Pins
  • Royal George Hammer Felt
  • Bass Sustain Pedal
  • Practice Bar & Lever
  • Slow-Close Fallboard
  • Adjustable Artist Bench

Available Finishes

Mahogany Satin

Learning Center

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