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Payment Options at Riverton Piano Company

Payment Options

Cash or Check

Whether you pay in-store or prefer to pay upon delivery, we accept cash payments for all of our instruments. Prefer to pay by check? With proper ID and information on the check, we are happy to accept your personal check in-store on on delivery.*

* - Additional security may be required for carry-out customers or delivery customers who elect not to make a down payment.

Credit Cards

credit cards

Riverton Piano Company happily accepts any valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card*.

* - For amounts up to $15,000


Financing Options

Thanks to our over 50-year history of relationship-building, we have a wide variety of funding sources for piano financing. Depending on the time of year, we even have special offers from our financing companies that make owning a piano even easier. Most pianos may be financed with a small down payment and a simple credit check. Don't wait. Let us help you own the piano of your dreams today.

Get Pre-Approved

No more uncomfortable personal questions or lengthy waiting in-store. Simply press the button that corresponds to your preferred Riverton Piano Company store, and we will get your financing application processed onlin. The online application will not impact your credit score and you will have a decision in less than a minute!

Get Approved for Financing Get Approved for Financing

Then - once we have your credit approval - we'll contact you to schedule your piano selection. It's fast. It's easy and it's 100% private.


Looking for a payment plan that doesn't require a credit check? Layaway your piano at Riverton Piano Company. You can select any new piano or digital piano we carry. We'll process your down payment, set up a payment schedule and deliver your piano once you've made your final payment. It's a great way to buy a piano without the credit approval process.